Horsebox Lighting & Lights

Horsebox Lighting & Lights by Hartwood Elite

  • LED living light

    Product Code: E01/003

    Price: £28.36

    Description: 12v led living light,has white and blue night leds fitted bright white light for everyday usage dim blue light used as a night light...

  • Living Light

    Product Code: E01/001

    Price: £28.36

    Description: 12v led light has either white or red lights used in living area or toilet...

  • Horsebox Living Light

    Product Code: E01-002

    Price: £14.98

    Description: round light used li living area silver suround 12v

  • Shower Vestibule Light

    Product Code: E02

    Price: £12.41

    Description: oval light used in toilet room silver surround 12v

  • Halogen Horse Area Light

    Product Code: E03A

    Price: £10.28

    Description: Horse area light with halogen bulb

  • High Output Horse Area Light

    Product Code: E03B

    Price: £27.91

    Description: Horse area light with high output bulb

  • Movable Spot Light

    Product Code: E04

    Price: £5.58

    Description: Brass movable spotlight

  • Economy Light

    Product Code: E06

    Price: £6.17

    Description: Round horsebox economy light

  • led box light

    Product Code: E07-001

    Price: £28.26

    Description: usefull LED light can be use both in living area and horse area Can be used either recess or surface mound

  • LED strip light

    Product Code: E08-001

    Price: £28.60

    Description: 12v LED strip light used under pelmet and in bedrooms

  • Lumo Strip Light Single Bulb

    Product Code: E08-002

    Price: £10.67

    Description: Single bulb horsebox lumo strip light used for toilet room,bed light and pelmet light

  • Lumo Strip Light Double Bulb

    Product Code: E08-003

    Price: £14.52

    Description: Horsebox double bulb lumo strip light used for living area, horse area and pelmet lighting

  • Recess Horse Area Light

    Product Code: E09-001

    Price: £23.27

    Description: Recessed horse area horsebox light

  • Horsebox Exterior Door Light

    Product Code: E09-002

    Price: £19.82

    Description: Water tight horsebox exterior door light

  • Number Plate Lamp

    Product Code: E10-001

    Price: £5.83

    Description: Horsebox number plate lamp excludes rear light cluster (see product E10-002)

  • Horsebox Rear Light Cluster

    Product Code: E10-002

    Price: £42.89

    Description: Horsebox rear light cluster. Price per pair but excludes number plate lamp (see product E10-001)


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