Horsebox horsebox rear lights

Horsebox horsebox rear lights by Hartwood Elite

  • led marker lights

    Product Code: RL012

    Price: £8.23

    Description: 12v/24v side and rear led marker lights

  • 140mmled reversing light

    Product Code: RL011

    Price: £57.17

    Description: 140mmx81.8mm reversing light 12v or 24v supply

  • 140mm led fog light

    Product Code: RL010

    Price: £37.33

    Description: 140mmx81.8mm fog light 12v or 24v supply

  • 140mm led hamburger light

    Product Code: RL009

    Price: £34.21

    Description: 140mmx81.8mm led hamburger light 12v or 24v supply stop/tail and indicator all in one...

  • 140mm bulbed hamburger light

    Product Code: RL008

    Price: £25.60

    Description: hamburger light bulb fitting rear light/brake and indicator light all in one 140mmx81.8mm bulb fitting...

  • 140mm reversing light bulb fitting

    Product Code: RL007

    Price: £17.50

    Description: rear reversing light bulb fitting 140mmx81.8mm bulb fitting

  • 140mm bulbed rear fog light

    Product Code: RL006

    Price: £17.50

    Description: rear fog light bulbed 140mmx81.8mm bulb fitting

  • load resister

    Product Code: RL005

    Price: £19.00

    Description: load resister used when changing bulbed lights to led lights Stops pulling through the light...

  • fixing bezel

    Product Code: RL004

    Price: £3.95

    Description: fixing bezel supplied to fix and hold 94mm lights in place

  • 95mmx49.5mm led reversing light

    Product Code: RL003

    Price: £42.50

    Description: led reversing light 95mmx49.5mm

  • 95mmx49.5mm led stop tail light

    Product Code: RL002

    Price: £21.50

    Description: stop tail led light 95mmx49.5mm

  • 95mmx49.5mm led rear indicator lights

    Product Code: RL 001

    Price: £21.60

    Description: size 95mmx49.5mm led rear light amber led rear light


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