Horsebox Rivets & Screws

Horsebox Rivets & Screws by Hartwood Elite

  • Round Head Rivets

    Product Code: F04-001

    Price: £4.70

    Description: Round Head Rivets 12mm x 4.9mm bag of 100

  • Countersunk Rivets

    Product Code: F04-002

    Price: £4.70

    Description: Countersunk Rivets bag of 100 12mm x 4.9mm

  • Rivet Tool

    Product Code: F04-003

    Price: £17.04

    Description: Rivet tool for fixing rivets

  • Flange Head Screws Half Inch

    Product Code: F05-001

    Price: £4.23

    Description: Half Inch Flange Head Screws used for fixing windows bag of 100

  • Flange Head Screws 3 Quater Inch

    Product Code: F05-002

    Price: £5.17

    Description: 3 quater inch flange head screws used for windows and stock board bag of 100

  • Black Flange Head Screws

    Product Code: F055-003

    Price: £9.82

    Description: Black flange head screws used for fixing black windows bag of 100

  • White Screw caps

    Product Code: F05-004

    Price: £5.88

    Description: White screw caps used for fixing ceiling sheets, coving and partition padding bag of 100


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